This is the first day (at least when I have been here) in 2004 on which it rained in LA. So I spent the better part of this rainy day cleaning my apartment. Actually, it was more of a drastic reorganization effort, as things really were rather messy. I had a closet room filled with stuff, without any particular sense or order. And it had gotten to the point that you’d open the door and things would just start falling at you. Mark obviously wasn’t too fond of that resident danger. Anyway, everything is clean now. I even did my laundry. And revamped my night shelf that I haven’t cleaned since my freshman year of college. It was rather suprising, as I in there I found condoms that had expired in 1999. Tells you a lot about the crazy life I am living here.

Oh, and the pink shirt didn’t really do too much last night. One drunk girl stumbled into me when getting off the bull, but I wasn’t sure who to be more scared off. The girl or the bull. Hey, at least she thought I was sensitive, right?

Tonight I also meant to do a few software upgrades on my computer. Now it’s back to the usual. Delete everything and then reinstall. The usual pain in the neck that I put myself through whenever I attempt to be technically gifted.

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