Rainy in Seattle

Yesterday I took the train up to Seattle for a three-day celebratory weekend for my friends’ Katie and Jesse’s wedding. Last night was part one with the bachelor party, which went down smoothly. It was loads of fun to meet back up with many good friends from the University. Crazy to think that I graduated six years ago. Not much seems to have changed with our group of friends, except that some are in relationships now, some are a bit balder, some are a big bigger and I still can’t pronounce the word bagel. It should also be noted that the latest cell phone hardware, hacks and features remain to be the ultimate ‘popularity factor’ amongst the gentlemen in the group. Some things never change.

Right now, I am typing away at Jerry’s house where Jen and I will be spending the weekend. The police keeps stopping by at the house across the street, which has kept Bailey (Jerry’s cat) and I entertained all day. Speaking about cats, it’s raining cats and dogs here in Seattle. Again, some things never change.