Honestly, I have never watched much TV in my life, so I am might not be the best at rating TV shows, but I am going to give it a shot anyway.


Here are my five yards on some of today’s TV shows. Reality TV shows are not real. It’s all planned and acted out. Joe Millionaire  might have been a construction worker at some point of his life, but chances are that he might just have a friend who is a construction worker.  Two things are clear to me:

a)     The guy had to go through tons of casts before the show ever started, so from the get-go producers knew everything about him.

b)      Joe Millionaire knew that he would end up being rich. Every reality TV show star has gotten rich with interviews, TV specials etc. I mean come on. The guy wasn’t going to go back to being a construction worker.


Now, King of the Hill, Simpsons and Seinfeld are all good TV shows. You don’t spend any time wondering if things are real or not, so you can actually pay attention to the scripts etc.


I mean listen to the scripts of Joe Millionaire . You know that no random guy would say stuff like him.  It is way to corny for that, yet it is way too bad to qualify it for a smart TV audience. If Bart Simpson or Bobby Hill would say stuff like that, nobody would listen to them. Not even my four-year old roommate.


The only thing that draws people to Reality TV shows stems from the human desire to find out if things are real or not. So once and for all, those shows are not real.


Stop watching Reality TV. Read Reality Blogs.  As a matter of fact, read the mario blog.

Tell your friends and family about it. Together, we can make me rich…