Red gym socks and Steve’s new dress code

Today I was bored for about 30 minutes, so I decided to go to the local mall. After glancing over the technology stores for a few minutes, my focus quickly narrowed onto the fitness store. Within a sudden occurrence of over self confidence, I decided to buy 3 pairs of bright red gym socks. I am not quite sure what I was thinking, but I quickly tested those puppies at the gym. Geez, I looked like the biggest idiot. Even Steve made a joke about it.

Well, Steve was the last person who should be making fun of my socks, as the employee dress code at Mieko’s  has changed. So here is Steve sporting sweat pants and a tucked-in dress shirt. Nice job Steve, you made me look stylish in my red gym socks. I asked him why he was not allowed to wear normal pants, and the answer was shocking. Steve is allowed to wear normal pants, but he thought that sweat pants and a dress shirt made for a more fashionable combination. Well, I didn’t say anything, but I will make a point of taking a picture of the guy within a couple of days. I will post them on the site asap and I promise that those pictures will make you laugh.

Tonight I am going to some dance show. I was wondering why Elisa really wanted to go with me to a dance show. After a bit of research I found out that it was a non-nudity dance show. I guess those exist in Seattle. Weird…