For some reason, I just cannot lock up those cats. Once again, they kept me up all night. I am watching those two again in March and already have a plan how to detain them from keeping me up all night. I am going to chase them around all day long, so at night they will be tired and don�t even think about licking and nibbling my ears any more.

I ran for 1 hour and 40 minutes today. It literally kicked my butt. I am running a marathon in May and am planning to do so in less than 3 hours. I will keep everyone updated on my training progress, as my goals might have to be scaled down at some point (I might have ran 8-10 miles today, a marathon is 26).

I went out with Pete the other night. We went to some Irish bar and watched a pretty good band. Two guys playing on stage, the one bald the other scrawny, both of them extremely popular with the ladies. Sitting at the bar Pete and I, the one determined the other foreign, the only thing staring us down are the labels of the brews in front of us. Anyway, it made me realize that working in Advertising might not be the best idea. I need to be a rockstar. When I was a kid, right in between wanting to be a fireman and a train engineer, I once wanted to become a rockstar as well. I never pursued the goal, so here I am with a complete lack of any kind of vocal or instrumental skill. I am going to improvise and become a stand up comedian. I am going to perform in bars and comedy clubs and people will think I am funny. Girls will love me and I will point them in Pete�s direction. Watch, it will be great�