rogan’s raspberry dancer

My host brother Rogan is currently visiting. He’s planning to move down to San Diego and is using this as an opportunity to get used to the rough Southern California climate.

After drinking a few alcoholic beverages at our apartment, we decided to walk down to the only night time establishment in our neighborhood that isn’t a strip club – Liquid Kitty. But, not before I decided to shave my face, which Mark and Rogan made no effort to prevent. Friends shouldn’t let friends shave drunk, especially since I can barely shave sober.

Once at the Kitty, Rogan convinced the bartender to serve up his personally invented shot which he’s attempting to call a “Raspberry Dancer,” It’s discomforting enough that Rogan likes raspberry flavored liqours, but wanting to name anything a “Raspberry Dancer” is just flat out wrong. Regardless, here is the recipe for this rather ill-named shot.

Rogan’s Raspberry Dancer
1 1/2 parts of Crown Royal
1 1/2 parts of Chambord
1 part Apple Pucker