rooms cafe

Well, I spent my Sunday afternoon working in a pretty cool little coffee shop called “Rooms Cafe”. The place is right around UCLA and it’s kind of like a Japanese Starbucks. Anyway, they got free wireless and it beats working in my office.

Rooms Cafe

Yesterday, I went on a mountainbiking trip with my buddy Tristan. I swear the guy grew up at Whistler (mountain in British Columbia) and his mountainbiking shows it. After two hours of playing catch up and dragging my bike back up the side of numerous cliffs, I had enough. Regardless, it’s amazing how close to nature I really am here in LA. I probably don’t make enough use of that.

Last night I went to some weird German christmas market in Hollywood. I guess, it was trying to be a German christmas market. Rather, it was a sad compilation of German World War II veterans, who ignored all of three gift stands and drank unexplicable amounts of Gluehwein. Sometimes one can be too German.

But I really do feel bad for the lady trying to sell “baby jewelry”.