Sam the Rose Bowl dude

Sam the Rose Bowl dude, John’s blog and Chris Wright’s web site

Tonight I met Elisa’s friend Sam. Sam used to be an outside linebacker for the Washington Huskies. He is a huge African American guy and loves to talk about his Rose Bowl championship. I guess he was part of the 2001 team that beat Purdue in the Rose Bowl. Anyway, he seems like a great guy and I am looking forward to hang out with him again.

I am talking to various Ad Agencies this week, so I am excited to see what opportunities might arise from that. My friend Jerry has been of fantastic help to me, and I really appreciate that. I am really learning that it is incredibly important to work on your personal relationships and to maintain your friendships.

Tommorrow is a big day for me, as I am going to wash my red gym socks. I am really hoping that the color will fade a bit, so my appearances in the gym will be a bit less apparent.

Here is a link to my friend John’s blog. He is just getting started, but I am looking forward to stay informed about his life. Here is his address>

Also, just got an email from my friend Chris Wright. He is in South Korea right now, teaching little kids how to speak English. Check out his website at: