san diego

The day after my trip to San Francisco, I drove out to San Diego to spend some time with my buddies Rogan and Will. Oh, and I visited with my old roommate Elisa who was in town from Seattle.

And that’s how the weekend started. I met up with Elisa and her friends. It was great to catch up with Elisa and to learn that Vodka Tonics are much cheaper in San Diego than in LA.

On Saturday, I met up with Rogan in his new hometown of El Cajon. El Cajon literally stands for “the coffin” and that really didn’t surprise me. Rogan tells me that the bouncers in El Cajon wear bulletproof vests. That I believe. If your hobbies are to find new ways to hang up your American flag and/or to pick up on your neighbor’s pregnant wife while barbecuing in front of your garage, then El Cajon might just be the place for you. Otherwise, stay out.

So we left El Cajon and went to Pacific Beach, where the PBR flows, Slip’n Slides entertain, horseshoes fly and every girl is a high schooler. It was beautiful, I drank more PBRs in a day than some do in a lifetime and then fell asleep sitting in a chair at Will’s apartment. Right next to an empty couch. Real smart.

Pacific Beach is great. But if I were to live there, I’d be waiting tables at PF Chang’s, worry about what tattoo to get next and do whatever it takes to get that professional horseshoe league started.

Ok, no more backtracking. The blog is back. Live.