saturday and sunday

Boy, what a weekend. Last night I ended up hanging out with a group of 10 Korean girls in some restaurant deep down in Koreatown. The night started out pretty damp, as Mark and I weren’t able to get into the birthday party club due to gender discrimination. Can you believe, they just let girls into the club (Bliss) after a certain point, trying to even out the ratio between guys and girls. Anyhow, we went to some other club (Monroe’s) with our receptionist Michelle and to Koreatown from there.

Today I had a soccer game. We lost 3:4, but I can truthfully say that it was my best game in years. I scored a goal and assisted two. Next week, we are going to win.

My afternoon was spent at work. Followed by a trip to the grocery, at which I got stuck behind some old lady doing a play by play at the grocery line. Unbelievable, she managed to sneak in a comment about every item that crossed the scanner. Hours later I finished my day with a long run at the beach and a few good waves.