scary thoughts

scary thoughts

I had a bad dream last night. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the dentist and she pointed out a few fillings that had to be redone. One of my teeth got filled so many times, it makes sense to actually put a crown on it. I take really good care of my teeth, but some of this is just hereditary. Anyway, I figured that I would just get it done when going back to Germany next year, but not after this dream I had last night. It was terrible. It brought me back to those bad childhood dentist memories. Any kid claiming that they like going to the dentist, has never been to a German dentist before.Or they are lying. Don’t believe kids who claim they like denists.

Regardless, I don’t really put to much trust into that dentist lady here in Los Angeles. It just doesn’t feel safe. Hence, I am really going to start asking around for good dentists in the area, and then get those fillings done.

I had also contemplated to just fly back to Germany and visit my familiar dentist, but was just informed that there is all kinds of paperwork I have to go through first. Paperwork is almost worst than dentist visits. At least in my book.

It’s funny how many hoops they make the average legal immigranto jump through these days. I am actually going to have to go to Mexico for a day, just so they can process the paperwork (takes at least a day) in my presence. Sounds stupid, but safer than being held at some East Coast Airport while trying to reenter the country from Europe. Maybe I should just go to the dentist in Mexico while they work through my paperwork. No joke, I actually have to leave the country for them to even look at my submitted forms.

Two of my most unfavorite things in the whole wide world. Dentists and paperwork. And I had to think about both in the same day. I am just glad I didn’t run across the smell of brocolli. That would have ruined the week.