Seattle Sunday

Sundays have been pretty lazy and today was no different. This afternoon I went to the mall with my roommate Ashley and her friend Corinne. It was nice, as both of them adhered to the 1 hour time limit given to them.

Upon arrival at the house I decided to  quickly cook up some pinto beans. Well, I apparently cooking those darn beans is not as easy as I thought. Who would have known that cooking beans is a multi day process? I thought that I was going to be able to microwave those puppies, but I guess not. After making the mistake of soaking them in cold water, Sada taught me the right way to bathe those beans. I boiled the beans for 3 minutes, covered them up and now have to let them rest for a long time. Then maybe tomorrow I can cook them and hopefully on Tuesday I will be eating my pinto beans for dinner. Anyway, for the time being I ate Bush�s baked beans.

I have an interview with an Ad Agency in Seattle tomorrow morning. I was advised to wear a suit and tie for it. So the rest of the afternoon and early evening was spent trying to figure out how to iron my shirts and how to tie a tie. After miserably failing the task of ironing the first three shirts attempted, Ashley took over. She ironed my favorite blue shirt, only for me to find out that I wasn�t able to close the top buttons on it (my neck must have gotten bigger). So I decided to give it another shot with a different shirt. After 5 minutes of adding even more wrinkles to the shirt, Ashley took over once again. Thank you Ashley. I seriously should consider enrolling in some kind of home economics class, otherwise my life as a business professional will come to a screeching halt before even started.

Also I want to mention my buddy James. I used to tutor James and he has become a good friend of mine. Here is a link to his personal and professional website. He goes under the name of Hollywood, so don’t be confused.

There are a lot of people and things that I miss from Montana, but one sticks out like a sore thumb. My old girlfriend, best friend and partner in crime Megan. Everybody knows that she means a lot to me, so I won�t go into much detail about it. Everyday I see a lot of new things, meet new people and learn a bit more about myself. That’s great, but it saddens me that Megan is not here to listen to all my new stories and laugh about all my goofball moments. She is about to move out on the East Coast, as she pursuing a career in clinical psychology. Unlike myself, Megan is highly determined to achieve all her goals and she won’t give up until the last stone has been turned around. Well, I really miss her out here, but I am proud of her deciding to go her own way. Not a lot of people have that kind of courage and fortitude, so she is someone really special. Megan and I will always be in contact, if she wants to or not. She is just one of those balls that I am not going to drop.


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