seven things about seven days

I’ve been doing a bad job of blogging lately. Lately = past two years. Partially that’s because I am not that excited about my current design and set-up, which I am going to completely revamp in the coming weeks. Right now blogging on the mario blog is about as enjoyable as going to work in purple corduroy pants. Anyways, here’s what has been happening. 

  1. I played soccer four nights last week. I am so glad that I am getting back into this sport. 
  2. I’ve been making a number of technology purchases, which has led to some major geeking. Jen hates it.
  3. It’s my birthday next week. I am turning 27. That feels very old. 
  4. Jerry and his lady Gail are coming down to take me to a Blazers game. That means I will be sleeping on the couch. 
  5. My cousin is getting married, and I am going to go back to Germany for that. Very excited. My mother is talking about doing another family marathon. Excited…not so much. 
  6. While we’re talking about family. My grandfather is reading my blog via Google Translate. Hallo Opa. 
  7. Schalke beat Porto in the Champions League and is now playing Barcelona in the quarter finals. Life can be so wonderful. 
Ps. Here’s a quick post update. #8. Otto just got his foot stuck in a shoe lace, which was followed by him sprinting wildly through my apartment with a soccer shoe on his back.