Natilee went to work today. On the way to work, she dropped me off at my friend Jerry’s house. We moved furniture, watched TV, ran, cooked, ate and talked about women. Jerry has two cats. Cats are awesome. Natilee picked me up at 10pm. It was a fun day.

Anyone can write like a 7-year old. But only very few can think like a 7-year old. Try to think back when you were 7 years old. There really weren’t too many things to worry about. And when you did worry about something, you cried, screamed and blamed your parents for it. Yet, you never worried about the same thing for more than a day. You smiled when someone gave you a cookie. Or when the weather was nice and you could go outside and play. Or sometimes, you just laughed for no reason whatsoever.

Sometimes I wish I was 7-years old. Or at to think like a 7-year old. How did I forget?