Natilee and I went saw the Seattle Sonics play the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday. I was somewhat torn regarding my team loyalty, but ended up cheering for the Sonics. And they lost. Still it was awesome to see Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone and Gary Payton play on the same team. Really something that basketball hasn’t seen before.

Today, we went shopping. I needed some new dress pants and also ended up buying more blue dress shirts. At this point, I have approximately 14 blue dress shirts. One green, one white and one grey shirt complete my professional clothing wardrobe. I also bought a pretty sweet leather bag. I am not sure whether that was necessary, but it probably can’t hurt to replace my current work bag. After all, it’s a bike courier bag and has little use in a professional office environment.

I have a big meeting on Monday morning. Then I am flying back to Los Angeles that night. And then to San Francisco on Friday. I have never been in that city, so I am rather excited. I am going to try and visit my buddy Chris while there. He works at Google. Might as well.

Here is another uninteresting tidbit about my quarter life crisis. It’s hard to find the right balance between work and life for me. Actually, it has become hard to separate the two. One might say I work too much.


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