sixty to six-pack

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been in great shape. And while I still work out regularly; exercise and nutrition more and more have taken the backburner to corporate America’s long hours, big dinners and frequent travel.

Well, after a month of traveling through China, a week of birthday celebrations and the fact that I can’t recycle empty bottles in my building*, I’ve decided to make exercise and nutrition a priority again. For the next sixty days, I will:

– Exercise every day.
– Not eat pizza, sweets or fried food.
– Actually eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.
– Not eat carbs after 8pm.
– Not drink alcohol. If I do, then I’ll volunteer for a day at a local non-for-profit organization.

While I am not quite ready yet to become a full-time fitness guru, I really feel like the next sixty days will be a good reminder of healthy habits. I will document bits and pieces of my experience every day, and use you as a motivation to succeed. How does one define success? Under the eyes of a third party jury, I did a little fitness test at the gym today. So, here are the parameters that I am going to beat sixty days from now.

135lb bench press: 32reps
Pull-ups: 11reps
Mile on a treadmill: 6:20 min  (a rather dangerous test, don’t do at home)
Weight: 167.5 pounds (could go up or down)


*you don’t want to be the guy who’s caught recycling empty wine bottles out of giant paper bags in your office’s trash room. At least not twice.

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  1. Anonymous March 29, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    You need to challenge everyone who reads your blog to set up a similar challenge – you could be the next fitness/diet guru!