sliced turkey

sliced turkey, humble irish

First of, let me apologize for not writing in my blog for a few days. I woke up on Saturday morning and the phone line was dead. Nobody had told me that we were going to be disconnected. That morning I played soccer with a bunch of Arab doctors. It was kind of weird, as I have never seen anyone that bad and so competitive. I scored a goal and I had to refrain one of them from kissing me. Oh well, they were nice people.

I realized how dependent I have become of the Internet. I really didn’t know what to do with myself on Saturday. At first I lost cable TV and then the Internet. It really couldn’t get much worse.

So now it’s Wednesday and I am sitting at Starbucks writing into my blog. I got myself a wireless card and now can access the Internet in Starbucks, airports etc. Technology rules. My parents arrived on Saturday, so it has been really nice to see them. They already left to go to Oregon, but they should be back for the Marathon this weekend. Megan ran the Boston Marathon in 3:14 hours. I am beginning to realize that there is no way for me to beat that time. She might just be too fast for me.

I also moved in the last couple of days. I am now living with a couple of college students in the University District. Their names are Eli and Jeff and they both seem very cool. The place is a typical bachelor pad. I shall post some pictures soon. I am sure that you will hear more about this new household. Leaving the old house, I packed up a some sliced turkey. Now I can’t find it. It’s somewhere in my room and I just can’t find the darn stuff. Scary thought. Well, sadly it’s more than just a thought.

My soccer team had a game on Sunday. We were able to beat some Irish guys 3:1. I was able to score one goal. It was a pretty bad game, but we ended winning. Check out to read the game log or look at the stats.