smog test

I just got my car registered for another year. Passing smog with my car tends to be a small miracle, and my mechanic always has to pull all strings to actually make it happen. I also think that he’s good friends with the smog guy, but I might be underestimating my car.

Either way, I am a big fan of these smog tests here in California. Once a car does more bad (excessive pollution) than good (transportation), it should be pulled off the road.

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  1. Anonymous September 26, 2005 at 10:19 pm


    Aren’t you negating the point of a Smog Check if you are cheating it?

    How could you be a fan of it, if you cheat it? Is this another one of those German things?

    Isn’t that like being a Dodger’s fan while at the same time sleeping with your neighbor’s sister?

    I just don’t get you Germans.

    – E