Snow Lake

Yesterday, we came back from our camping trip. It was awesome. We went to some lake called “Snow Lake”, which is right around MT Rainier. Camping in Washington is a lot different than in MT, as you always have to get permits etc. and everything is private land. We camped out in the wrong spot on Friday night, and were promptly awoken by a park ranger on Saturday morning. Luckily, I was dead asleep so Natilee handled the whole situation like a champ.

Snow Lake ruled. There were a lot of bugs, but we basically had the whole lake for ourselves. The water was very cold and I am not sure if jumping was such a hot idea at all. I spend Saturday afternoon sitting on the shore in my boxershorts and now have a fine assortment of bug bites on my butt. How random.

Organizing has never been my strong task, consequently we ended up with one sleeping bag and one sleeping pad. I had no idea how cold it could get at night.

I somehow managed to make my stove dysfunctional and after finding other campers around the lake, I almost got rid of all hair around my head. After setting myself on fire three times in a row (without lighting the stove), I realized that I was dealing with a different model  and that letting the bottom cup fill with white gas was not a requirement to make this one work.

Anyway, the people were nice and I am alive.