soccer girl

Tonght, I went out to a soccer scrimmage up at UCLA. PLaying soccer once a week (on Sunday) just doesn’t cut it for me. Well, it doesn’t cut it for my team, because without practice I have the ball handling skills of an Irish teenager who decides to play soccer for the first time after a long night of drinking.

Anyway, so most of the guys on Wednesdays are pretty descent. Some go to UCLA and others just work in the area. And then there is one girl. She is fast, has great ball skills and even some strategic smarts. I am very careful when it comes to playing soccer with girls, as it always looks terrible when you knock one over. Plus, I always feel like I might break them.

Well, tonight her and I collided at full speed. I was going up for a header and she was trying the same. I didn’t see her coming, barely beat her to the ball and then the big crash happened. When realizing that I had crashed into the one girl on the field, I felt terrible. Only seconds later, I realized that I was the one who had drawn the short stick in that equation. She jumped right up, ran after the ball and scored. I got up, limped for a few feet, laid back down, got up again, limped for a few more yards and then had to call it a night.

I always thought it was humiliating to foul a girl on the soccer field. Tonight, I learnt that it’s even more humiliating when you get hurt by a 5 foot two, 110 pounder who’s name is Kate. You just can’t go right when playing soccer with girls. I am definitely wearing shin-guards next Wednesday.