social wonders

Well, it looks like my social life is slowly starting to improve. Two weekend nights, neither one of them was spent watching TV. No bookstores. And no 3-hour stints at the gym. A night at the Hollywood Bowl, one late-night party and yet another soccer loss. 5 in a row. I really can’t remember ever playing on a team this pityful. I think today we lost 6:0, which is rather upsetting. How can a group of 11 guys be so disoriented on a field so small? Wherever the ball went, we weren’t. Actually, at one point of the game, two of my teammates ran into each other at full speed. The ball nor an opposing player were anywhere to be seen.

Tomorrow night, I am going to a Dodger game. I think I actually am starting to like baseball. Or at least the Dodgers.