st pats

This year’s St. Patrick’s day wasn’t crazy for me; however, very interesting. Actually, it all started with confusion. I was under the impression that I was meeting everybody at a bar called Giddys on 16th and Glisan. Once I got to 16th and Glisan, I was informed that Giddys was on 60th and Glisan. Big difference as 60th is all the way across town. Being the good sport that I am, I decide to make the trip across the Willamette.

Standing in line outside of Giddys, I meet the first interesting person that night. A middle-aged, rampantly drunk and extremely vocal lady (she actually might have been Irish), who’s trying to force me into making good on her “Kiss me I am Irish” button. After much internal debate on my part and the threat of physical force on hers, I decide that I can give her a kiss on the cheek. As I move closer, button woman grabs my hips and tries to go for gold. Ok, so the cheek kiss was a bad idea.

Inside Giddys’, I meet this French guy who works at Salomon. The kid loves soccer as much as I do and he’s actually from the same area where I went to school in France. I tell him that I always liked French girls, to which he answers that they become entirely too high maintenance as they grow older. He tells me that he thinks German girls are beautiful.To which my answer is that not all German girls are tall, blond and busty. Ok, so I am now hesitant to talk to Irish and French girls. Merci beaucoup, Mr. Frenchman.

Waiting in line at the bathroom, I run across a familiar face. My junior year of college, I traveled through Europe with my girlfriend at the time. The following summer, she wants to travel Europe by herself. So she travels with this guy, which I really only find out after looking at all the pictures she took that trip. Well, now I finally had the chance to meet him in person. Nice kid.

The people you meet on St. Patrick’s Day…


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