Staring at the wall

Today was one of those days. I spent most of the morning staring at my laptop. Then I walked our office dog Max, thinking that I will be more productive this afternoon.Well, I was wrong. I spent the afternoon staring at my labtop as well. I figured that I would take a day off running (training for the Vancouver Marathon in May), and that I could fully concentrate on my work today. Well, thats how things go sometimes. Without pressure, Mario just does not function properly.

Oh well, tommorrow will be another day. Tonight I am supposed to watch a movie with Megan and her friend Ingrid. I also was planning to kick it with my buddy Joe for a bit. So now I have to try to combine the two. Joe is a pretty compatible friend, so it should not be a big problem. I do have a few friends, who sadly cannot be taken into any kind of social environment. For some reason they just don’t flourish within it.

Anyway, enough for today. I will keep you updated on what happened tonight.