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Not much has been going on here at the mario blog, but plenty has been going on in life for me. I have just done an extraordinary bad job of writing it down. But life has been good. Here’s how.


More on this later, but the reason I moved back to California is to help start a new type of marketing agency. Quillion is a performance marketing agency, where clients only pay for the performance of our work. If our clients campaigns don’t work, we don’t make any  money. It’s a win/win, lose/lose type of situation.  It has been a lot of fun, and I’ll keep you all posted on our progress.


I don’t need to write any more about my new marketing blog. Let’s just say that I am very excited about it. Hope you guys enjoy reading it from time to time.

Los Angeles

Believe it or not, I have been loving life in Los Angeles. My new apartment is great, driving an 06 Scion is a lot more comfortable than a 89 StationWagon and the nice weather has been a plus as well.  But most importantly, I have been able to connect with many of my old friends again.

Books I Read

Here are three books that I read in 09 that you might want to check out:

A good read. Warren Buffett is one of the most successful business men of our time.  Two things that stood out. Buffett has devoted his life to investing money, which took precedence over everything else.  In order to be that successful, one has to be incredibly focused. Part of his success was due to his early financial independence, which he was able to achieve by being very frugal. Frugal is good people.

Malcom Gladwell’s latest book about why some people are successful and others are not. There are a lot of things that go into being successful, one of which is devoting an incredible amount of time and thought (see above) into the cause that ultimately will lead you to success. According to Gladwell, it takes at least 10,000 hours of work and thought. Malcom Gladwell is a very smart guy who has a knack for formulating an interesting perspective. This is a good one to put on your reading list.

Some lady recommended Nelson deMille’s books to me on some flight I took earlier this year. This story about an Israeli plane hijacked by Palestinian terrorists was the first I read. I give it four stars. The jury is still out on Nelson deMille for me but I will certainly read another one of his books.


I watched last week. Highly recommended. is a movie you need to rent.

Random Pictures

santa monica sunset - good stuff
otto spends his days lounging in the sun - tough life.
Jen and I went to a sub shop near her community college - bathroom for today's customers only.
dinner at the palms hotel in vegas - right by the pool
I miss her so much - hope Jen is taking good care of my baby.

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