steam room yoga

I had planned my usual Friday night routine. Leave work, work out and then hit the steam room for 20 minutes. Well, I had to cut the steam session short by about 15 minutes today. Everything was going as usual until a man in his 50s walked in with about 10 towels in his hands. He proceeded to pile them on top each other, without using a single one to cover himself up, and then started performing different yoga exercises and sounds. All while being seated about 3 feet next to me. Naked.

I lasted another 2 minutes before I decided to rush out of the room. Not only was it incredibly uncomfortable to have an old humming man, sitting on 10 towels sit next to me, but he also kept squirting water onto the sensor. This caused a constant influx of hot steam, to the point of turning my skin bright red.

I sure hope this guy won’t be there next Friday. This is how one loses hobbies.