Steve the gym salesman

Gyms are sure operated a bit differently here in Seattle than in good old Montana.
More like a car dealership than a place of fitness and health. Anyway, Elisa and I went a gym called Miekos to ask about their $18 monthly memberships. Upon entering the gym, a guy named Steve greeted us.

Steve did not appear to be a personal trainer, as I am pretty sure that he has never worked out. Short and chubby, the only indicator of him working in a gym were his sweat pants and t-shirt. I simply asked about the details of their gym membership, yet Steve indicated that it was mandatory for us to go on a tour of the gym. So off we went. After the tour (which confirmed my doubts about Steve ever having worked out), Steve led us to his desk. Around him were sitting a bunch of guys, looking just like Steve. We were in the middle of some corporate sales scheme. Steve finally told me about the different rates they had, and I was shocked to hear that the $18 membership only qualifies you to work out from 5am-9am. Great what a deal!

After saying that we were going to think about it for a couple of days, Steve tried to pull every single sales move in the book. The guy just wouldn’t let go of us, and when we stood up to leave he was about to start crying. Here is a 29 year old guy, trying to sell commission based gym memberships for a living. Sadly, Steve is a terrible salesman and his fitness knowledge was extremely limited to say the least. When asking him, whether or not they had a certain kind of equipment, he answered the following: We have four different equipment categories, all painted in different colors, as we don’t want our customers to get bored. When asking him whether he works out at Miekos, he answered that he somehow scored a free lifetime membership at Baleys. He was telling us that he cosigned for a client, and the client never showed up, so now he is using her membership. What a trustworthy guy.

Anyway, we came back yesterday and signed up for a family membership. When Steve saw us walking towards his desk, the guy almost started crying. He apologized for being rude in the past and proudly told us about being the weekend manager of the whole place. I wonder how big of a family this guy has to feed. Anyway, I am glad that we could help him out a bit.

Tonight I am going to some birthday party with my roommate Seda. Since moving to Seattle,  I have been receiving a ton of text messages. Pretty interesting, as in Montana those were basically non-existent.

Also I would like to mention my friend Ashley B., as she brought to my attention that I have never talked about her on my website. Ashley B. is a girl that went to school with me in Montana. She loves working on her family’s ranch, shoots gofers during her lunch break and has had a boyfriend for the past 18 years. Overall, Ashley B. is a pretty darn cool girl and I am sure she will go far in life.