Strike – Learn more about Poland’s solidarity movement

Jen and I spent the weekend in Seattle with Jerry and Gail. Yeah I know…couples weekend, no big deal. This will be followed by a two days of holiday time with Jen’s family. That is a big deal. Anyways, last night we watched a pretty amazing movie called Strike. Well, I watched it. Everybody else slept.

The movie is about the story of a female shipyard worker and her impact on Polish labor reform over the past half century. While this might seem like a fairly niche plot, it’s a beautiful story which left me with two important thoughts.

1. There are heroic stories in every part and corner of this world. While the Polish solidarity movement hasn’t been high up on my list of groundbreaking events of the 20th century, it probably is no less important than the fall of the Berlin Wall or the American civil rights movement.

2. Sometimes the true impact of our actions doesn’t become apparent until many days, weeks and years later. And most importantly, anybody can make a big difference. You don’t need to be a politician, famous actor or money-laden business leader to change the world.

You really should watch the movie Strike.