Can you help my students?

Clif's rabbit. Nothing to do with this post.  But she's a cute rabbit. 
Clif’s rabbit. Nothing to do with this post.  But she’s a cute rabbit. 

As most of you know, I get to teach a class every semester. It is probably the consistently most gratifying professional experience of my career so far. 

This year, my students are publishing a crowdsourced book. Here is how it works. 

They came up with a fictional product (an alarm clock that starts brewing your coffee when you hit the snooze button) and now they’re looking for smart people to give them ideas on how they’d market the book.  You have $10,000 (not literally) and they want to know how you’d launch and market the product in the US. 

Want to throw your hat in the ring? I would greatly appreciate it. 

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You rock. Thank you.