Sunday brands

This is how it goes. Every Sunday, I go to my buddy Ray’s coffee shop and work on writing my University course. It’s the by far best coffee shop in LA. I also try to write on my blog, which is now done through an online service called Typepad.

After a caffeinated afternoon at Ray’s, I always go grocery shopping. Either at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s is without a doubt the smartest and best grocery concept in the world. And that’s not just because it’s owned by two German brothers.

Shopping is followed by dinner at Koo Koo Roo, whose chicken dinners are rather excellent. I am gernally not a big fan of chains, but this is a particularly nice franchise and I really enjoy the food.

Then I come home and usually watch a netflix movie. Netflix truly is one of the greatest service companies that I have ever been a customer of. I love it, and wouldn’t want to live without it anymore.

Oh, and usually I don’t just watch any movie. I am currently completely hooked on the former HBO series “Six Feet Under,” which arguably is the best television series ever.

Cafe Balcony
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods
Koo Koo Roo
Six Feet Under

What are your Sunday brands?