Sunny, Bus pass, Shoe size, Kids’ jumping rope and Sada

Sunny and no cloud in the sky. Everybody told me that it always rains in Seattle, but maybe not. I am hoping that it won’t rain anymore this year, as I really like sunny skies.

I took the bus to the University District today. I have a University of Washington bus pass, but am kind of hesitant to use it. It has a girl’s name on it. Everybody tells me that I can use it anyway. But come on, what if the bus driver does check? What am I supposed to tell him? That my parents really wanted a girl and named me Elisa Ann? I am just not quite sure about the whole thing.

The University District is pretty cool, and I will definitely post some pictures at some point (yes mum, that’s why you got me a digital camera’I know’). Anyway, I met an African American girl today. Thinking about it, I have never talked to one before. She was very nice and is working in a shoe store. She got pretty upset, when I asked for sizes 8-10 for a particular pair of shoes. I just couldn’t remember my size, and I didn’t know that there were sizes like 8 ‘ and 9 ‘ .  I really should have just checked the shoes I was wearing, but I was too fascinated talking to this girl. Anyway, my shoe size is 9 ‘ just for future reference.

I also went to the ‘Wholefoods’ again. I really need to stop going there, as the guy at the fish counter started nicking at me today. Not a bad thing, considering I am a repeat customer. Only problem is I don’t eat fish.

In the evening I once again went to the gym. One hour of lifting, then I was planning to do some cardio. There are signs all over the gym, praising the effectiveness of ‘jump roping’ (burn a lot of calories in a short period of time etc.).  I thought I’d give it a shot. Well, I should have asked someone to teach me the basics of it first. After 10 minutes and the inability to do more than 3 jumps at a time, I was informed that I was using a kid’s rope. There are like 40 ropes in that room, and I grabbed the one that is not regular length. Everybody else thought that was pretty funny.

My roommate’s name is Sada and not Seda. Thank you for telling me Sada. I am glad your name is not Seda, as it sounded too much like a car anyway. I just didn’t want to say anything.