The Super Sonics’ management team came to our office today for a QA session. We all wore green/gold shirts as well as custom cut hair wigs. The entire agency was decorated in the team’s color, cookies with their logo were made and we even printed custom labels for their beverages. It was awesome. A real team environment. After the meeting, the beer cart made its round through the agency and everybody celebrated the successful meeting. How can you not love working in Advertising.

This Sunday, I am going toWRESTLEMANIA XIX. Another cool thing about Advertising is that you get free tickets to all kinds of events. I am not really sure what this event will be like, but will keep you posted.

Elisa cooked Salmon for dinner tonight. And guess what… I liked it. That’s right mum… Mario ate fish. I can’t say that I liked tartar sauce, but the salmon was great. I would probably prefer a steak, but this is a beginning.