support your local homeless newspaper

Some people wholeheartedly give money to homeless people, while others don’t. Why…I don’t know. You might be afraid that the money will be used to buy alcohol, or maybe you just don’t feel that it will have any positive long-term effect. Or maybe but probably not, you just can’t spare any change.

Well, I don’t always give money to homeless people. But I always give money to homeless people who’re trying to change their own fortune by selling a street newspaper published by and for homeless people.

I grew up in a socialist society where there are no homeless people. The government had plenty of programs to support people at stages of life. Well, America is a bit different. This is capitalism. Everybody is in charge of their own destiny, regardless whether they have the mental of physical capabilities to be the captain of such boat.

If a homeless person is taking the initiative of trying to sell you a newspaper, whether if it’s front of a grocery store or a library; please open your wallets. I do.

Homeless newspapers have been around for quite some time. I hope they continue in gain popularity. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if this program would be extended into other sectors. I would be happy to buy my flowers, stamps and candles from people who’re trying to change their own destiny.