tacos to the homeless

This will probably be my last weekend in Seattle. I am just about to finish the first phase of my project. I love this city, but I can truthfully say that finishing this project will add immense gratification to my everyday life. It has been kind of cool to be living on expense report. I get to expense all my meals (at least up to a certain price point). I still get nowhere near spending all of my daily stipend. That’s probably because I am one of the cheapest eaters out there.

Natilee and I went to the Olive Garden tonight. Usually we always wine and dine at the cheapest, most “whole in the wall” kind of place. Well, maybe not the cheapest places, but we really never go to any kind of franchise restaurant. Still, the Olive Garden is awesome. Definitely one of my favorite places, as I just simply can’t get enough of the “all you can eat” salad and breadsticks. Natilee obviously was in complete agreement.

I literally have been wearing the same four shirts for the past two weeks. It’s amazing as it still doesn’t bother me at all. Even though, I bought a pair of jeans today. $15, you just can’t beat that.

On Friday night I was trying to give away a couple of tacos to the homeless. I asked at least five homeless people if they wanted my four, fresh and wrapped tacos. All of them declined. What’s wrong with this world.