the blog is back

the blog is back in town

Dear friends, family and stalkers. Friends and family mostly. Or hopefully. I am very sorry for not having written in my blog for the past couple of weeks. It has been partially my laptop’s fault. The computer has been in the shop for some upgrades and repairs. It has been tough without my blog. The situation made me realize how much the old guy (yes my blog is a dude) means to me. Thanks everyone for writing all those encouraging and uplifting emails. I really appreciate your appreciation for the blog. And now he’s back.

No long entry tonight. I just got back from the Chinese movie theatre in Hollywood. I saw “School of Rock”. Jack Black is a legend in my book.  Tomorrow morning I am off for a taping of the show “Friends”. Going with my friends Katie and Megan. Visiting from Montana.

Enough for tonight. I have lots of crazy stories to tell these next couple of days. Stick with me. I am excited to be back. Thank you for everything.