the bus

My car is in the shop again. It didn’t break down on me, but the constant blinking of my brake light led me to believe that it was time for a tune up. So I had to ride the bus, which is quite the experience in LA. I am not going to write about the people in the bus again, as I have done so numerous times. No, this time it’s about actually getting on a bus. For once, there is no such thing as a bus schedule in LA. You just kind of look down the road and hope for that big blue bus to creep up towards you. Three out of four times the bus actually stops. Not this morning. The bus driver signaled to me that I should just take the next bus, as his one was full. What he didn’t signal was that the other bus was at least 30 minutes behind his. Which brings me to my next point, sometimes there is a bus every 5 minutes (weekends, holidays, christmas, superbowl sundays etc.) and then other times they run on an hourly basis (mornings, weeknights, rush hour etc.). It’s like they don’t want you to ride a bus around here.

When I finally got on the bus, I stood next to a crying Indian girl, a drunk guy who must have just left the bar and some kind of want-to-be executive yelling at his cell phone. Ok, I’ll stop right here.

Tomorrow is another bus day for me.

Oh, the mario blog receives more traffic from Mexico, Israel and the Netherlands than from Germany. My German mojo seems to be dwindling fast. I really need to stop writing about so much random stuff. “Fried Banana recipe” brought 12 people to my site last month.