the day after thanksgiving

the day after thanksgiving

Here I am in Hollywood. The day after Thanksgiving. Sitting at the pool without my shirt on writing into my dear blog. Lots has happened in the past 24 hours. Ben was not able to fly to LA, as he actually had to go to the hospital prior to boarding the plane. Another was one of his vicious “stomach cramping episodes.” Luckily, he is alright now and hopefully will stay healthy from now on. Let’s hope the doctors will find out exactly what’s causing these random ordeals.Still, it sucks that Ben couldn’t come down, but maybe next time.

I spent Thanksgiving with my colleague Trevor, his wife’s family and later on his side of the family. I actually attended two Thanksgiving dinners. And both of them were very “unique” to say the least.

First we went to Jenny’s (Trevor’s wife) family dinner. It was in Thousand Oaks, CA and probably on of the world’s largest and oldest Thanksgiving dinnner. Believe it or not, there were at least 60 people in the room and I was placed at the kid’s table. So was Trevor and he is 29. If there is one thing I will never forget from this party, it was ongoing joke between Trevor and his wife’s grandma. Every year Trevor accuses of stealing something from him. In the past he has smuggled pictures, TV remotes and wallets into her purse. This year he topped it all. Trevor took off his whity tighties and sneaked them under her table cloth. Just to make things clear, these were the underwear he was currently waiting, hence he was without any throughout the duration of Thanksgiving dinner. When leaving, he made a big deal out of it and pointed out to everyone that Jenny’s grandma had removed and tried to steal his underwear. I thought it might have been a little overboard, especially considering that most of the crowd was in their upper 90s. 

On we went to the next party. Trevor’s family. Living in the Pacific Palisades. Just to give you a little background information. Trevor’s dad (the host) is actually a gay man with 4 children. None of them are taller than 5.4 and that includes any of the 3 male ones. Trevor’s sister is a stripper and her daughter (9 years old) has been known to perform very unethical dance movements at family gatherings. Let me tell you. I had a blast. The room was seperated between family and his dad’s gay friends. It was overlooking the Pacific ocean and dinner was served by a professional catering group. It was amazing.

Thank you Trevor and thank you Jenny for allowing me to spend this day with you and your families. It was a lot of fun and an experience that I will never forget. I met a ton of very friendly people and it added a very positive memory to my time in Los Angeles.