The German Group

Today was bean cooking day. I had soaked the beans for 2 days now so I figured it was time to make something out of it. The instructions said to cook them for four hours, but I learned that there is a difference between cooking and boiling. So they turned out kind of soft and smoochy. Also, it didn�t help that I forgot to season them. Anyway, now I have about 8 pounds of overcooked and tasteless beans sitting in the fridge. I just don�t seem to have the patience to follow through on projects like �bean cooking� etc.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle today, so I went on a long run followed by a short visit in the gym. Steve got himself in troubles as he was trying to show some lady how to do a certain exercise, instead of focusing on selling memberships. Poor guy, but he must have been alright as he started joking about my red gym socks again.

I heard about this German group at UW that meets every Tuesday to sit around and talk the native language. So I decided to give it a shot as I expected nothing less than a bunch of German college guys and some cute American girls desperately trying to find someone to practice their German with. Well, I was mistaken. First of all, they met in a Greek restaurant. Second off, I was the only German in the group. And finally, I was the only person under the age of 55. Bad news.

So here I am sitting in the midst of a bunch of navy retirees who flew over Germany in World War II, housewives whose favorite recipe was Sauerkraut with sausage and a French guy who doesn�t know what to do in his free time. The group was very excited to see me which was clearly proven by the fact that some lady put one of those heart stickers on my cheek and greeted me with a big hug. An older man wearing leatherpants and suspenders talked me into giving him my email address. He apparently is writing a weekly newsletter, consisting of any special meetings and a joke written in German. Great, I can�t wait to get the first one.