the king

the king has left

I go to work during the day, I work out and then I actually look forward to watch the Simpsons at 11pm. It’s pathetic, but kind of cool. The first time in my life that I spend any amount of time watching TV. It’s quite the experience. Tomorrow night I am going to one of my roomie’s concerts. I really can’t say that his band is spectacular, but it’s one of those things you do for your roommate. Kind of like when I participated in Bob’s church sleepover freshman year of college. Nevermind, I am now looking forward to the concert.

They dropped “King of the Hill” from the late night TV schedule. I am in the works of drafting a letter to Fox Net. This is unbelievable. Us, the American workforce labor night and day and then they take away the most basic of all our needs. I am quite sad, but know that in the end freedom and liberty shall prevail and “King of the Hill” will make its return onto the TV screen.