the male triathlete

So I am now thinking about running a triathlon. The Los Angeles Triathlon in September. Olympic style. It’s a professional triathlon and it’s my goal to finish the darn thing. There are different levels of triathlons and I am going to keep at the Olympic one. Right under the Ironmen and right above the Sprint Triathletes. 1.5 k of swimming in the open ocean, 40k on the bike and 10k by foot. All I need to do now is buy a wetsuit and a race bike and figure out how to stay alive in the water. I am really not worried about the running or biking part of this event, but swimming for nearly a mile will kick my butt. But that’s where the wetsuit comes in. And the water wings.

Check out the LA Triathlon

Who wants to compete? Preferably someone who can swim.