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Enough with this sentimental BS. Let’s get right down to our daily business. I once again had my fair share of troubles with the Seattle bus system. There are so many different streets, avenues and buses, that I just can’t manage to keep track of things. The same buses change routes a couple times a day, so you always have to be a different spot. Today, I waited for an hour for line MT 72 to come by and pick me up. I was standing right next to the sign, which largely proclaimed the letter/number combination MT72. According to the bus schedule, there should have been 3 different buses coming by within that hour. After darkness fell in and hunger overcame me, I finally decided to ask a bus driver about what happened to MT72. Apparently, I was standing right above an underground bus station, and that is exactly where MT72 has been passing through. I managed to look over the arrow next to the MT72 that pointed to the underground bus station. I am an idiot. There is just no doubt about it.