the mario forum

Today the mario forum was launched…

The blog was thought to be a way to stay in contact with all of you. It gives you a chance to catch with what I am doing and what I am not doing. Pretty cool and the mario blog has become a fairly popular website. We are right up there with Steve’s Bob’s and Jeremy’s blog. I will keep you updated on that as well.

Alright, here it goes. I launched another website. It’s called the mario forum. This site is for all of you. Actually it is just for you. I set it up so my friends can communicate with each other. Maybe you want to joke around about each other  and maybe you will get really mad at each other. Maybe you will meet your next girlfriend on the mario forum. Actually, you probably won’t.  I have great memories with everyone who reads this blog. I value your friendship and in most cases I have a good story to tell about us. So let’s start telling some of those stories. Let the memories roll…

This is going to be way cool. I have a big vision for this project. A vision that goes beyond tommorrow and next year. I would like the mario forum to stay around fogood. Twenty years from now, I want Ben and Lakes to catch back up on the mario forum. I want Trick to joke about me and trust me,  I will be joking about Trick.

So to make a long story short. Go check it out. Today, you should enter yourself into my guestbook. That would make my day. Next time you have a free minute or two, stop by the mario forum again. Post your thoughts or disagree with mine.  The only way this can work, is if everybody contributes a bit. And then it will really work. Let’s get this ball rolling…

Thank you all for your friendship,
Grandma thank you for the great chocolate pie,
and thanks to my lifelong sponsor (that’s you mom and dad).

I will see all of of you soon,

where friends meet others

ps: the forum has full functionality at this point. I will be adding a new layout and logo soon.