Book – The Martian

I am not a big Science Fiction fan, but I am trying to read more of it as I believe Sci Fi actually gives you a pretty good perspective of what the future might look like. It’s fiction, but it also broadens your horizon to an extent.  

I learned about “The Martian” via Brad Feld. He called it one of the best books he has read in a while. And I would agree with that, wholeheartedly. I give this book a 10, out of 10. 

Here is the story. Mark Watney is part of a scientific mission to Mars. A bad storm happens and all the astronauts leave. Somehow, Mark gets left behind as everybody think he died. This book tells the story of his resulting life on Mars. It’s funny, smart and it’s just really interesting to think about what it would be like to live on Mars. Lastly, at some point the people on earth figure out that Mark is still alive and try to bring him back, which by the way, is just about as hard as you would imagine a rescue mission to Mars would be.

This would be a great movie.  

I’ll stop there. Read this book if you can. I highly recommend it.