the midas touch

The other day, my German guests recognized a screeching sound apparently stemming from my brakes. To me it sounded more like yet another indication that Bozo’s (Sportswagon, Swagon, 1989 Toyota Corolla) braking system was working flawlessly. Well, my German neighbor Cord urged me to get it checked out very soon, as he said that my brakes might stop working anytime now. Since my mechanic is situated somewhere deep down in South Central LA, I decided to bring Bozo to the local Midas shop. Since I know nothing about cars, I have to admit that I was actually influenced by their “Golden Touch” advertising campaign. Boy, little did I know what that golden touch was all about. What was advertised as a $39 brake special turned out to be $473 complete brake overhaul. Well actually, it was supposed to cost $600, but I had the guy justify and exlain every line item that he was going to charge me for. That made it a lot cheaper.

Regardless, Bozo is supposedly all fixed up. The brakes are still making noises, but according to that golden touch, it’s just an indicator that everything is working flawlessly. Golden touch…yeah right. I am going back to my South Central mechanic, as dangerous as it might be.