the only problem with rumors – YOU

You can’t avoid rumors. People love rumors. They are part of being human. There are rumors about everything.

  • “WONGDOODY is now Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener.” That is true.
  • “Obama is a Muslim.” Nope. Not true.
  • “That John guy, he’s a total freak the way he always stares at me.” That is a dangerous rumor.

The latter is a type of rumor that I unfortunately hear all too often. Guys hitting on someone. Guys having Asian fetishes. Girls being sluts. People being freaks. The list goes on.

These kind of rumors make me really sad. If someone does something wrong or inappropriate, take action. Don’t tell others, tell the person. Don’t talk, do something about it. Unfortunately, I think that many times rumors start because people want attention.

People wanting to feel better about themselves by talking bad about others. People wanting attention because they are getting none. Truth be told, sometimes I catch myself ranting about people, which isn’t good. Because rumors are a dangerous game. Because all it takes is one of those comments to ruin a person’s reputation. To ruin a marriage. To ruin a family.

Just because a guy has a beautiful Asian wife and you’re Asian, it doesn’t mean that he in any way or shape is attracted to you. Just because a girl wears a short skirt and high heels, doesn’t mean she’s a slut. Just because a guy is overly nice to you, doesn’t mean he wants to sleep with you. Rumors don’t solve anything. But they can really hurt somebody’s feelings, damage their self-esteem or potentially ruin a life.

If you make an appropriate observation to yourself, good for you. If you have a problem with someone, try to fix it. With them.

If you are just spreading a rumor about someone, you are the problem.