That’s how life goes. The one day you are the aspiring entertainer of the house and the next day you are sleeping on the couch. Well, I am sleeping on the couch for the weekend, as Elisa has her friend Phoenix stay here (usually I have my mattress set up on her floor).


Before going to the Ram, Ashlie and I went to some girls’ 21st birthday party. The ratio was amazing : 20 girls and 5 guys.


I met 2 girls and spend considerable amounts of time talking to the other 4 guys. Meeting girls is as easy as stealing candy from a baby for me. For some reason I just can’t get myself to do it.


Check out the friends and family section which was launched today, with a feature on my best buddy Alex. I will continue to feature friends and family members until I run out of them.


I am going to sleep on the couch now…