the problem with every day being different

Eleven years ago, I distinctively remember telling one of my professors in college that I was looking for a career where every day is completely different. When I worked in advertising I told people that what I loved was how every day was different. Well, turns out – I was lying. Now every day is different. Quite literally. I sleep in a different bed/on a different floor every second day. I pretty much eat something completely different every day and every meal of the day. It's usually not healthy. Every day I am surrounded by three of the same people and fifty to a hundred new ones. And i guess my work is different every day, even though it's hard for me to quantify that. But it must be, because every day I am worried about something completely different. Right now, I am worried about our speaker lineup in Minneapolis. Normally it's easy to find speakers and hard to sell tickets. In Minneapolis it's the other way around. We're selling tickets even though we have no speakers. Oh, and I am slightly worried about our new passenger who we're dropping of in Des Moines before heading to Carl Blake's pig farm. Because turns out, the Element only has four seats. And now there are five of us 

So I guess I'll take that back that I want every day to be completely different. I don't want to be bored with what I do, but it will be nice to have a steady bed (maybe even to myself), a kitchen to make healthy food in and a time every day to work out.  That will be nice. 

Be careful what you wish for Mario.