the robbery

It was destined to happen. Big city life isn’t just all about pretty girls, good food and $1 drink specials. There is more and yesterday we learnt the hard way. Our apartment got broken into. Unbelievable. The burglar entered throught the open bathroom window ( I know, we aren’t the smartest) and proceeded to take the dvd player and all of the DVDs.

I actually didn’t even recognize it, until I ran into Geoff at the bar at night. Tuesday night, $1 well drinks at the Ram. There are probably 200 bars in Seattle, and every time I go out, I manage to run into one of my roomates. It’s great. I was pretty shocked when I found about the robbery. I was a bit concerned about my digital camera, PDA and my favorite boxer shorts, which were all conveniently located on my night stand.  Luckily, the robber did not enter my room and none of my stuff was taken. At first, we lost cable TV and now all our DVD’s. What are they going to take next? Heck, there is nothing to lose. They might as well just take me now.

Actually, I am pretty darn lucky. I have been knocking on wood all day long. This robbery made me think about my living situation a bit. Someone violated our personal space. Consequences and repercussions are soon to follow. We are for sure closing the bathroom window from now. Maybe I will start training the martial arts and shave off my sideburns. Anything is possible at this point. Game on burglar. Game on.