the show

So, I am going to write a few words about my live on stage comedy performance on Friday. It was quite spectacular for a first time performance. A roaring crowd of 25 (no, my mum was not present) laughed a total of 4 different times during our 45 minute show. We were quite the opposite to what one would call a “crowd pleaser.” Yet, I was involved in 3 of the 4 laughs. Especially my role as an “upset barber” scored huge with the audience. 2 laughs in 5 minutes. Boy, we were pathetic. It would have been funnier to untie our shoelaces and just trip over them for 45 minutes straight. Maybe next time. Overall, I have to say that improv comedy is an amazing art of entertainment. It’s incredibly challenging and it doesn’t have much to do with talent. There are many rules and knowing them well will make anyone funny.

The rest of the weekend was rather calm. I fixed my mountainbike, ruined my khakis and enjoyed the 70 degree cold Southern California winter.