the trip

Natilee and I made it back to Seattle at about 1am last night. We surely spend a lot of time in the car this weekend. Moving to LA is going to be insane. Talk about a long drive. Here is a recap of the weekend:

We arrived in Missoula MT at about 4am on Saturday morning. We really didn’t get out of Seattle until about 7pm the night before, as Natilee put in a full day at work. We also made a pit stop somewhere around Moses Lake, where we dined at a restaurant called LA PALOMA. It was quite the dump, but it was cool. Natilee managed to run into some wild kittens and spent an hour finding cat food and then feeding them. What a girl…

We awakened at about 9:30am on Saturday. I was supposed to meet my friend Cathy at 9am, but that consequently did not happen. Natilee and I went to breakfast at Bagels on Broadway and then I met one of my old profs at 10:30am. Coming back to my buddies’ house, off we went to float the Blackfoot. With old car tires that is. It was great. I managed to get the weirdest shaped sunburn on my back, as I was trying to put on sun tan lotion by myself. It didn’t work. At all. My back looks like a bad joke.

Saturday night, we had a party at my buddies’ house. It was great. Everybody showed up and I drank a few beers more than my antibiotics advised me to drink. Actually, maybe I wasn’t supposed to drink at all. I was amazed how many people showed up and it was great to see everyone.

Sunday morning, Natilee and I went to see my host family in Hamilton. John cooked us Eggs Benedict and everybody had a good time joking around about me. We picked up all my stuff and on the road we went.

Thank you everyone for meeting up to see me this weekend. Hopefully, I will be able to come back to Missoula on a regular basis. In the summer that is. Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than Missoula, Montana in the summer.