The Ultimate Present Guide

Once again we had a beautiful day here in Seattle. I am really getting used to the nice weather and am starting to reconsider all attempts of working in a real job. I get up in the morning, check my email, eat breakfast, check my email, watch TV, check my email, eat lunch, check my email, go run, check my email and then lift weights right before checking my email. Tell you what; those 9-5 days surely are treating me well.

Yet, after a long day like this, I still enjoy to just kick back and relax sometime. Often people forget that you have to play as hard as you work. Not me, I am consistent on that behalf. I try to spend as much time online as offline. Write equal amounts of emails to boys and girls and make a point being awake just as long as I am asleep every day.

I work hard, but I still live a balanced life. On a more serious note, I set up my wish list on today.  I really think this will make things a lot easier for people trying to find the right presents for me. Once again, I am trying to make everyone�s user experience as pleasant as possible, while trying to reduce the number of purple sweaters sent to me from my grandma. Please do not worry if all presents on my wish list have already been sent to me. I will make a point in updating this list frequently (2-3 times a day). Also, I do not want you to feel like you have to send a present for every occasion, so for convenience I posted the list of only the most necessary present giving occasions of the this month. I will start with the month of February and update it at the beginning of each month from here on out.

February 12: Lincoln’s birthday

February 14 : Valentine’s day

February 17: President’s day

February 22: Washington’s birthday

February 24: Flag day

I urge you to not send me more than one present at a time for each occasion. There are many more present giving dates coming up in the near future. One of them being my birthday. If you should have any questions about my address; please send all inquiries to

 Thank you very much and have a great day.